iPhone 8 Release Date, Price | Specs, Rumors and Features

iPhones are one of the best and popular Smartphones in the world. It is marketed and designed by Apple. The operating system of this Smartphone is Apple iOS. iPhone also has the series of smartphones like the 4, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7S which are available in the market in different price ranges. iPhone was introduced for the first time on January 2007 in the United States of America. Get iPhone 8 Release Date, Price and all specs below.

Recently, Apple is supposed to bring a new iPhone which will be the latest in series of iPhone. But these are just rumors; there is no solid information about the latest iPhone 8. Based on this rumor people of different places are eagerly waiting when this iPhone 8 is going to be released. It has been observed that iPhone 7 was exceptionally swamped in the Smartphone market for its fantastic features and facilities. Let’s talk about iPhone 8 in details down below.

iPhone 8 Release Date: Latest News, Specs and What You Need to Know

iPhone 8 Release Date

Hopefully, Apple is going to bring a new iPhone 8 handset in the market. As we know Apple is the best Smartphone brand in the world, the upcoming iPhone 8 is hoped to come with amazing features compared to other phones that are available nowadays. It is hoped that this smartphone will be launched very soon in the market. And it is also believed that the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to be one of those smartphones that will challenge the other smartphones. Down below I have mentioned some of the expected features of iPhone 8. Check them out.

Expected Specification and Features of iPhone 8:

According to the latest rumors, iPhone 8 specification and features are going to be quite impressive compared to others Smartphones. So here is what you can expect from the upcoming iPhone 8. Some of these rumors are listed below. Design: The looks of iPhones are one of the main things that the people get attracted to. In iPhone, almost the entire series has the same design and looks. But now the upcoming new iPhone 8 is expected to come with unique design and will not be similar to each other to any extent. It is also expected that iPhone 8 to come with curved glass on the back.

Now, the Apple has just begun to add the features of waterproofing to its new handset. And this facility is hoped to be loaded in the upcoming iPhone 8. Camera: According to the latest rumors, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come with a 3D camera and that too with dual lenses. But it is also believed that there will not be many changes regarding the front camera. Battery: The battery of the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to have 3000 mAh battery capacity. According to the rumors iPhone 8 might come with a wireless charging system and it is going to works fabulously. As charging battery can be done even from a far distance, you just need only to turn ON the power.

Operating System and Power:

iPhone 8 is expected to come with Quad core processor and iOS 11. This will help the phone to operate very fast. It might also have a 3 GB RAM or a 4GB. Screen: Apple is developing their Smartphones and improving them in every aspect. They have upgraded their designs, size, brightness, screen resolution, and color gamut. According to the rumors, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come with an OLED screen display.

It is also expected that the screen resolution will be of Quad HD with 1080p, which is much better than iPhone 7. The size of the screen is also believed to be around 5.0 to 5.5 inches. This feature is also much better than other phones in the series.

iPhone 8 Release Date and Price:

The release date of this upcoming iPhone 8 is not officially announced yet, but it is expected to be released in September 2017. The expected price is not yet announced officially because the device is still in the preparatory method. So, the latest upcoming Smartphone of Apple is iPhone 8, and now many people are waiting for this Smartphone to get launched in the market. Those of you who are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 8 can keep yourself updated by referring our post. As we will be providing the latest updates on iPhone 8. Leave a comment below if you have any queries.

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