iPhone 8 Release Date, Price | Specs, Rumors and Features

iPhones are one of the best and popular Smartphones in the world. It is marketed and designed by Apple. The operating system of this Smartphone is Apple iOS. iPhone also has the series of smartphones like the 4, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7S which are available in the market in different price ranges. iPhone was introduced for the first time on January 2007 in the United States of America. Get iPhone 8 Release Date, Price and all specs below.

Recently, Apple is supposed to bring a new iPhone which will be the latest in series of iPhone. But these are just rumors; there is no solid information about the latest iPhone 8. Based on this rumor people of different places are eagerly waiting when this iPhone 8 is going to be released. It has been observed that iPhone 7 was exceptionally swamped in the Smartphone market for its fantastic features and facilities. Let’s talk about iPhone 8 in details down below.

iPhone 8 Release Date: Latest News, Specs and What You Need to Know

iPhone 8 Release Date

Hopefully, Apple is going to bring a new iPhone 8 handset in the market. As we know Apple is the best Smartphone brand in the world, the upcoming iPhone 8 is hoped to come with amazing features compared to other phones that are available nowadays. It is hoped that this smartphone will be launched very soon in the market. And it is also believed that the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to be one of those smartphones that will challenge the other smartphones. Down below I have mentioned some of the expected features of iPhone 8. Check them out.

Expected Specification and Features of iPhone 8:

According to the latest rumors, iPhone 8 specification and features are going to be quite impressive compared to others Smartphones. So here is what you can expect from the upcoming iPhone 8. Some of these rumors are listed below. Design: The looks of iPhones are one of the main things that the people get attracted to. In iPhone, almost the entire series has the same design and looks. But now the upcoming new iPhone 8 is expected to come with unique design and will not be similar to each other to any extent. It is also expected that iPhone 8 to come with curved glass on the back.

Now, the Apple has just begun to add the features of waterproofing to its new handset. And this facility is hoped to be loaded in the upcoming iPhone 8. Camera: According to the latest rumors, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come with a 3D camera and that too with dual lenses. But it is also believed that there will not be many changes regarding the front camera. Battery: The battery of the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to have 3000 mAh battery capacity. According to the rumors iPhone 8 might come with a wireless charging system and it is going to works fabulously. As charging battery can be done even from a far distance, you just need only to turn ON the power.

Operating System and Power:

iPhone 8 is expected to come with Quad core processor and iOS 11. This will help the phone to operate very fast. It might also have a 3 GB RAM or a 4GB. Screen: Apple is developing their Smartphones and improving them in every aspect. They have upgraded their designs, size, brightness, screen resolution, and color gamut. According to the rumors, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come with an OLED screen display.

It is also expected that the screen resolution will be of Quad HD with 1080p, which is much better than iPhone 7. The size of the screen is also believed to be around 5.0 to 5.5 inches. This feature is also much better than other phones in the series.

iPhone 8 Release Date and Price:

The release date of this upcoming iPhone 8 is not officially announced yet, but it is expected to be released in September 2017. The expected price is not yet announced officially because the device is still in the preparatory method. So, the latest upcoming Smartphone of Apple is iPhone 8, and now many people are waiting for this Smartphone to get launched in the market. Those of you who are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 8 can keep yourself updated by referring our post. As we will be providing the latest updates on iPhone 8. Leave a comment below if you have any queries.

Best Apple iPhone 10 Cases and Covers with New Designs

iPhone 10: Using cases and covers are the best way to keep your phone clean as well it protects your phone from several damages, as using cases and covers can protect your phone from the smash and falling down on a hard surface. It is seen that many of the iPhone owners make a mistake of not using cases or covers for their iPhone which in terms become a major problem of their iPhone because many times the owners drop their phone accidently. Check iPhone 10 Cases and Covers below.

The Best Apples iPhone 10 Cases and Covers:

iPhone 10 Cases and Covers

Using cases and covers for your phone is much necessary, as it is about the protection of your own property, so don’t make the mistake of not using the cases and covers for your phone since this will help you to keep your phone clean and better. As I had been talking about the iPhone 10 cases and covers today basically I would discuss the iPhone 10 cases and covers throughout this article, so go through the article to know about iPhone 10 cases and covers.

iDeals Swipe Wallet Case:

iDeal swipe wallet case is one of the best cases for iPhone 10, this ideal swipe case has  several excellent features to go with, Covering iPhone 10 with ideal swipe case you would not require opening your iPhone, here you can access the answering function on the front of the case itself this will allow you to reply your call by just swiping your finger.


This case for iPhone 10 is very well designed where you can see the time as well as use music player and access calls for you, since the case is designed where you can use the display onto the front of it, on the side of ideal swipe case you would observe two buttons which are hidden.

Omaker Bumper Case for iPhone 10:

Omaker Bumper case is a flexible case, this case fits very well with your iPhone 10 and comfortable to carry. Every corner of this case are shatterproof which save the iPhone from any kind of damage, this case has got a button covers for the volume as well the power.


Omaker bumper is designed brilliantly, where you will find cut out for all the ports of iPhone 10.

Moshi Sense Cover Case:

Moshi dense cover is a good case cover for iPhone 10, this case cover has a cut off in the front part of it which allows its users to do lots of function like answering the calls, rejecting the calls or else seeing time and different others functions, it also has a cut off on the part of the camera and on the below part of the apple logo.


This case is a smart case which opens the door, and it can be folded towards the back. Basically, you can find this type of case having black, white and pink colors on the body of it.

Vesel Wood Series Bumper:

This case is just awesome to go with iPhone 10, which is designed with the metal adding aluminum in similar shades which are placed by different colors of plastic on the joint of it, this case is also included the wood for the better protection of iPhone 10.


The top and bottom of this case come in with silver or darker aluminum also there are an aluminum button covers here in this case. Here, in this case, you would not find the protection for front and back, but the frame of this case is large enough to protect the screen and camera lens as it will not be touching the surface even if you drop the iPhone 10 by mistake. Vesel wood series bumper is designed in a stylish manner which will be real math on your hand, also will protect your iPhone 10 in much better way.

Theses are some of the iPhone 10 cases and covers which are designed for the protection of iPhone 10, covering iPhone 10 with this kind of cases and cover will brings much attraction to the look as well as it will save the cleaners of the iPhone 10 for a long time.

Damaging the mobiles and smartphones by the falling down of it mistakenly is the common problem which most of the people faced, so it avoid such kind of problem you must put a cover on them, as covering them will protect your cell phone of crashes even though they had been fallen from your hand mistakenly. I do hope you come to know about some of this mention covers and cases for iPhone 10 after going through this article, thank you and have a nice day.

iPhone 10 Rumors | Expected Features and Specifications

iPhone 10: iPhone has become a favorite Smartphone for the users of all around the globe. The models of iPhone series are designed and packed with the latest and advanced Operating System, great durability and with stylish looks which make the customers go crazy with every launch of new iPhones. iPhone series are designed and developed by Apple Inc, and Apple has released iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and recently iPhone 7 with more various features and stylish looks as compared to other iPhone series. Check iPhone 10 Rumors below.

After the huge success of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, they have recently launched another model which is iPhone 7 Plus with faster A10 processor, better RAM, more internal storage, water resistance, better battery capacity, better camera, more stylish and with many unique features. So everyone has become crazy about this model. So now the Company has announced that they are also going to launch another series of iPhone that is iPhone 10 with much better features as compared to other iPhone series. They will release this iPhone 10 within the year 2018 or 2019.

Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the iPhone 10. So in this article, I am going to mention about the iPhone 10 rumors, released date, Specifications, and its features.

iPhone 10 Rumors and Expectations:

iPhone 10 Rumors

All the specifications and features of iPhone 10 are expected to be much better than other iPhone series. But these are just an expectation; later it might get varies a little bit.

  • Screen Size

The size of the screen of an iPhone series has been increasing per model. So now everyone is expecting that the size of an iPhone 10 will be larger than other iPhone series. The size of iPhone 10 is expected to come out with 5.7 inches, or it may reach a maximum of 6.0 inches.

  • Storage

As per the rumor, it is expected to come out with alternative memory storage in the same way like how they have launched the previous iPhone series. The iPhone 10 models are expected to be of 64GB variant, 128 GB variant and 256GB variant.

  • Operating System

Apple iPhone 10 is expected to come out with iOS 12 along with A12 processor which will also be upgradable later on.

  • Camera

Apple iPhone 8 cameras are expected with 16 MP rear cameras and 8 Mp front cameras. I am just telling according to the rumors on the web; it may be lesser, or it may be later on. It is said that this iPhone device will also include auto focusing features, high resolution, camera stabilization and much more.

  • RAM

The iPhone 10 is expected to be provided with 8GB RAM, and the device will become very powerful as we have already seen in iPhone 6 Plus with 3GB RAM. And in iPhone 7 the rumors has felt that it will come out with 4 GB RAM, so, therefore, it is expected that they may provide 8 GB RAM in iPhone 8.

  • Battery

As we have seen the battery capacity of iPhone 7 is very amazing. So everyone is expecting the battery capacity of iPhone 10 will me much better. They may provide 5000 mAH of battery power in this device. You will be able to use this device for around 22 hours by enabling your data connection in your device.

  • Sensors

Apple iPhone 10 is expected to have an amazing sensor system which may consist of barometer, thermometer, SPO2, compass, dustproof, heart rate, etc.

  • Colours

The colors of iPhone 10 are expected to be released with various attractive colors like Silver, Golden, Grey and Rose Gold.

iphone 10 Rumors Expected

#Release Date of iPhone 10

This Apple iPhone 10 Smartphone is expected to get release within the year 2018 or 2019. But it is not yet announced officially. They may launch this Smartphone earlier also because people are looking for iPhone 10 in all over the World.


In today’s article, I have mentioned about the release date and specifications of Apple iPhone 10. But I have written this article according to the rumors on the Web. As we have also seen that due to the iPhone 10 rumors on the internet, the company have to change the specifications of a particular model and at last, there is no surprise for the users or the customers. But people are hoping and expecting for iPhone 10 very much. Thank you for reading this article.

iPhone 10 Release Date, Price, Rumors, Specs, Latest News & Features

iPhone 10 Release Date: Apple iPhone lover could barely hold onto their excitement when the iOS 10 was launched at WWDC on the 13th of June followed by an immediate developer of the beta release. The new iPhone 10 brings with it lots of amazing features starting from the iMessage platform to the Apple music conversion.

The Apple Company has finally developed some of the finest iPhone, that we usually are expecting for including the new operating system. In the upcoming iPhone device, the iOS 10 devices are not going to be available just like the iPhone 7. If we talk about the updates it will be available only for some of the selected iPhone devices.

Features of iPhone 10: What is new in iOS 10?:

iPhone 10

iPhone 10 from the outside of the surface may look similar to its previous version but all the entire  apps of  the system have some huge updates and there are lots of new apps available now in the iOS 10 device.

iMessage: iMessage brings you with more rich updates such as new emoji and also text messages size can be changed efficiently for having an impact conversation with a completely new feature known as the ‘invincible ink’ the recipient will be able to view it only after tapping or swiping on it.

Moisture Detector: In the developer of the beta version it has introduced some of the latest features i.e. moisture detectors for the Lighting port. If your phone comes in contact with even a tiny drops of water it will detect automatically and you will be receiving notification for disconnecting your cable to avoid damage to your device.

Keyboard: It brings you quick type buttons with a site intelligence developed for the iOS keyboard with an improved predictive text and also with some suggestions for adding appropriate pictures or files. iOS 10 keyboard also enables you a click with new sound with the alphanumeric keys which have a high pitch click

Screen Locker of iPhone 10:

The screen Locker has been modified from its previous version now it avails you with more notifications also responding to its force touch. It also enables you the feature like the “raise to wake” features so that you will be able to see the notifications or time or date without the help of pressing any buttons.

Control Center: The control center has a new look with some amazing cool widgets. It is now split into more than multiple screens along with the control of music and videos on the secondary screen and some shortcuts options for the HomeKit devices.

Photos Application: It offers you a new photos recognition, plus object and scene recognition. It has memories which are a new tab in the photos of iOS 10 and it has a similar function just like the feature of Google which brings you together from a particular time in an amazing way. The photos application also lets you create an edited version of videos of any events.

Camera Application: It has a new support for capturing rare pictures using the rear view camera it is likely to have 8 megapixels and a secondary camera with 18 Mega Pixels.

Compatibility of iOS 10: If we talk about the compatibility of the devices starting from the iPhone 5 it can support any of the new operating systems. The next iPhone devices will follow some amazing updates of the operating system.

When is the Releasing Date of iOS 10?:

iPhone 10 Release Date

The releasing date of the iOS 10 is like as it is expected that is in the month of June at WWDC event. After that, they will release the software of the beta version to the public which is available for the registered members of the Apple developers. The updated version of the software will be released following the next flagship of the iPhone devices that is in September.

The new iPhone 10 brings to you a lot of new and exciting features that is already explained why the newly launched iPhone 10 is in the top of the deal. You better them up for yourself. I hope you find those articles on iPhone 10 helpful for you and keep on visiting the page if you want to stay up to date. Leave your comment below.